Teza Doors highlights personal styles by tailoring bifold doors. In addition, this expands space and creates a haven. Furthermore, removing boundaries enables the entrance of natural light and breeze into any home with the help of Teza bifold doors. Moreover, this feature enhances garden parties, barbecues, and outdoor dining. Uniquely, the slim frame and low track of the doors captivate the eye and are child friendly. In particular, integrating Teza bifold doors offers additional living space as well as versatility of glass walls and concertina doors. Additionally, this adds value to any property and improves the atmosphere. Furthermore, based on the type of atmosphere, a property can have bifold doors with tied panels or individual panels depending on door configuration. In addition, the size and number of panels on a bifold door depends on home spacing.


  • Minimal requirement for installation

  • Enlarges the usage of spaces from inside and out.

  • Make the best use of natural light throughout the house

  • Easy to operate
  • 40 year of lifecycle

  • Scratch-free coating aluminum frames

  • moisture-resistant doors that are resilient to water and rust.
  • Heavy duty hardware made in Germany

  • Bottom rolling door system

  • U-factor 0.29 & SHGC 0.23

Bi-Fold Door Features

It is a heavy-duty stainless-steel ball bearing rollers, made in Germany. Additionally, bifold doors contain double pane glass filled with argon gas. Undoubtedly, this feature makes Teza’s bifold doors a perfect choice regarding quality and upgrading any home. Moreover, the powder coating on the aluminum glass frame enhances its durability against all weather conditions. 

Bi-Fold Door Features

Uniquely, this also provides the zig zag door with a sleek timeless style. Furthermore, bifold doors have superior security systems. Additionally, the locking mechanism of Teza’s accordion doors have been designed with maximum security. Most importantly, the door contains multi-point that covers each panel on the sliding track as well as a single locking point for further security.


Teza Doors offers customizable options at no additional cost. Moreover, customers have access to any doors regardless of swing direction and folding orientation. 

Configuration options for 75 Series :

3+0 , 0+3, 1+3, 3+1, 5+0, 0+5, …



LaCantina Doors Folding System features the highest quality hardware and components for increased durability, ease of operation and smooth performance. This Folding System hardware is available with a multi-point lock in a stainless, bronze or black finish.



Stainless Steel






LaCantina Doors offer a wide range of in-stock, optional and custom colors. These color options will allow you to complement or match virtually almost any color for your project needs.


Clear Anodized


Bronze Anodized




Teza are made of aluminum. Additionally, the frames bottom track is 3/4″ height and depth is 3″ , this feature helps prevent the entrance of water and flush with flooring. All frames have powder coating paint. This makes it scratch and chip resistant. Moreover, the frame is very sturdy for any weather condition.

Teza Doors_90 Series Bifold Door